Do you have an innovative idea to make your business more sustainable? Then this is for you…

MODOS Circular Economy Innovation Award and Mentoring for SMEs

Circular Economy Innovation Award of up to €2,500 plus a FREE Mentoring Service and for micro-enterprises, SMEs and social enterprises interested in implementing circular economy within their business.  

MODOS Mentoring

To apply, businesses must complete the MODOS Mentoring Application Form, selecting one category of mentoring. Applications will be assessed and successful applicants will be allocated an expert mentor for a 1 to 1 session. This pilot project is funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices.

Local enterprises who are seeking advice on how to make their business more circular can apply for up to 3 hours of mentoring with our expert consultants. This service is available free of charge to a maximum of 30 Dublin-based businesses and 20 businesses outside of the Greater Dublin Region.

  • Tailored business advice on circular economy
  • Up to 3 hours of mentoring
  • Free of charge
  • Gives access to MODOS Innovation Award competition

MODOS Innovation Award

The MODOS Innovation Award aims to support enterprises in the effective implementation of impactful change, foster innovation and showcase successful circular case studies. Having attended the mentoring sessions, qualifying businesses can partake in the competition to access funding and invest in their circular economy project.  Successful applicants will be profiled and featured in the Economic Development, Dublin LEO and Regional Waste Management Plan Offices websites, events, publications and social media.  Total funding available for the MODOS Innovation Award is €10,000. The selection process is a competitive process and only projects that are able to demonstrate closed-loop effective impact and change implementation will be selected.

  • Available to businesses that have completed at least 1 hour of circular economy mentoring
  • Up to €2,500 per successful project
  • Competitive selection process
  • Business profiling

For further information or enquiries contact the following


joanne.rourke@dublincity.ie (businesses outside Dublin Region)

amy.duffy@dublincity.ie (Dublin-based businesses)


MODOS is a circular economy training programme for micro, small and medium size enterprises. It is a joint initiative of the Economic Development Office (EDO) of Dublin City Council and the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices.

What is the circular economy?
Our current economic model is based on a linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach, which is costly for businesses and bad for the environment. It is a model that relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy. By contrast, a circular economy generates no waste; it is efficient and environmentally sustainable. In a circular economy, products, components and materials are kept in use for as long as possible, continually creating value. Supply and production chains operate in ‘closed-loops’ making them less wasteful and more resilient. New business models based around leasing, re-manufacturing, recycling and upcycling become possible – saving businesses money and reducing environmental impacts.

How does the circular economy benefit businesses?
Adopting circular economy principles can help your business:

  • Save money, reduce waste and increase resilience.
  • Boost competitive advantage and brand reputation.
  • Unlock new business opportunities that also help the environment.

With the European Union introducing new policy and regulations for a circular economy and the Irish government bringing in new Green Procurement standards, Irish businesses need to understand and adapt to the circular economy. Doing so will help to future-proof their business and enable them to #buildbackbetter post COVID.

For all enquiries, please contact modos@dublincity.ie